Baby Giraffe Born at Africa Alive! Wildlife Park

Born 6ft tall and already head and shoulders above most adult humans, this cute baby giraffe can hardly be called ‘little’.

Kessingland wildlife park

Not yet two weeks old, this endearing baby giraffe has just been born at Africa Alive! Kessingland wildlife park. It’s the second giraffe birth this year, following a 16-month pregnancy by Kiara, and is the latest in a series of successes for the park. It forms part of a breeding programme for Reticulated Giraffes being conducted by European zoos, with Kiara arriving from Koln Zoo and Kimoni, the calf’s father, coming from Duisburg Zoo.

Guests now have the opportunity to view the infant giraffe at Africa Alive! and the birth is being hailed as a great success for the population of the Reticulated Giraffe. The Kessingland wildlife park has already had a significant amount of progress with its breeding programmes, and the park now boasts several animal calves across a whole range of different species.

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